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At Loupin Jewels, we believe that variety is the spice of life. 

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Spinels were once a mere mining byproduct, seen as nearly worthless.

In recent years, however, this long-neglected underdog has taken the world by storm.

Prices of fine gem-quality spinel are skyrocketing and show no signs of slowing.

As a result of their rarity, steady supplies of spinels are difficult to stockpile.

Thus, they are not promoted the way popular gemstones are, and only insiders of the gemstone trade are acquainted with them.

Welcome to the inner circle.

Red Spinels Uncut

Spinels on Silver

Holding a vibrant spinel is the first step in appreciating its beauty. The natural second step would then be to place it in a simple, elegant setting that will not distract the eye from its gorgeous gleam.

That's exactly what we did.

The 925 silver setting was handmade by our expert smiths in Cambodia. 

Utilising their extensive native deposits of silver, Cambodian silversmiths have been honing their skills for centuries. Acknowledged to produce some of the most intricate silver designs in the world, we feel privileged to work alongside them so you can own a specimen of their incredible craftsmanship.

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