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Visiting the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2018

SIJE 2018 began a couple of days ago.

I was there to visit some dealer friends and to take in the general mood and atmosphere.

Most of the exhibitors were in the jewellery business and I found myself with relatively fewer stalls to visit for loose gemstones.

Nevertheless, there were some really beautiful pieces:

A selection of vibrant Burmese Spinels

A selection of vibrant Burmese Spinels

Star Sapphires

Star Sapphires

Lot of Unheated Blue Star Sapphires. Absolutely love the colour!

Lot of Unheated Blue Star Sapphires. Absolutely love the colour!

Lot of Faceted Sapphires of Multiple Colours

Lot of Faceted Sapphires of Multiple Colours

More updates coming up (after the last day)... :)

You Can View Loupin Jewel's Products Online Now!

We have just set up our online store with and we're pretty pleased with how easy it is to use and put together.

Click HERE to go to our online store.

We've also put up links to the different categories of our products (many more to come!) on the respective pages - our Gem Jar series and our Spinels on Silver collection.

Prices are in SGD, and we can send them overseas (though the store says otherwise). Just let us know your requirements at and we'll figure out the shipping costs (if any).

Happy Browsing (and Shopping)!

Spinel: The New Birthstone For August

It seems that spinels have finally received the magical touch of mass marketing.

Before this year (2016), spinels were only recognised by serious gem collectors and non-mainstream jewellery makers. As a result, they remained relatively unknown and went for fairly low prices.

In recent years, more and more hype has been built up around spinels, and they have become the darling of jewellers the world over.

Pink Spinel 01

Now, the Jewelers of America (JA) and the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) have decided (obviously for marketing purposes) to name spinel the new birthstone for August, alongside peridot.

It comes as no surprise, then, that prices for spinel are skyrocketing, though this isn't a 2016 phenomenon, as they have been increasing for many years.

Red spinel is, doubtlessly, the most popular, rivaling ruby for the spot of Premium Red Gem. Pink spinel is next on the list, with hot pinks fetching record sums in recent months. The steely blues and icy greys are also gaining popularity as the fashion of Fall 2016 includes these cool colours (note Riverside, Airy Blue and Sharkskin).

Image from , following the colours from

Image from, following the colours from

Loupin Jewels' advice? Get them now, while they are still relatively affordable. We've seen the numbers go significantly up within the span of the past 3 years and we expect them to continue their meteoric rise.

A Visit To The Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2016

From 21 - 24 July, I attended the Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) 2016. Though my original intent was to visit some of my dealer friends from other countries, I ended up with quite a few more stones than I expected.

I got a blue 2.27-carat Burmese sapphire from my favourite Burmese dealer friends.

Unfortunately, they found the cost of attending the next show in Singapore too high and have declined to exhibit. It's alright. I'll just have to visit them in Yangon.


I got a really fiery 4.86 ct Welo opal with a thin dead zone on the side. 

I decided to buy it due to the wide fire and the fact that it encompasses every colour of the rainbow.

Due to the dead zone, the dealer was willing to sell it at a much lower price than what it would normally go for.


My favourite buy of all - a rare Burmese Jedi spinel. This isn't just red, it is a glowing, saturated, vibrant red!

Jedi spinels are so named because they have not been touched by 'the dark side' - especially darker secondary colours such as brown or grey.

Until I get all of these in my lightbox and photograph them with a proper DSLR, these photos from my Note 4 will have to suffice. ;)

I met a friend over a few days during the Expo as well, and assisted him in evaluating some gems that he was planning to buy. Always glad to be of service to a fellow gem buyer!