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Everyone is Going Online... Including Us

With only 1 month before Christmas, many of our friends are beginning to shop for presents. However, a quick look at retail spaces will tell you how little foot traffic most areas are getting.

Where did everybody go? Online, of course.

Shopping online is gaining a lot of traction. After all, who has time to trudge through crowded shopping malls at this time of year? With the advent of tech and falling costs of doing things through online outlets, it's inevitable that online marketplaces are going to overtake retail. Hang on. They already have.

As a result, we are going to be looking at placing our products on different online marketplace platforms.

Also, we are going to attempt to get workshops video-ed and uploaded to online course marketplaces. Udemy and Coursera come to mind.

We will still be holding live workshops because learning to deal with gems requires hands-on practice. We have secured our venue. Now, it's a matter of setting dates.

One Last Post for 2016

It's been quite a year, 2016.

We launched our site, our online store, our social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram - and we have started discussions on collaborations for the coming year.

In 2017, we are looking forward to bringing education on gemstones - how to appreciate them, how to purchase them (without getting ripped off), how to handle them - to schools as well as to adults. We're going to be holding workshops and showcases, presentations and more. So much to do!

We are also looking at some new jewellery designs, producing our next collection, and tweaking systems to make them all more easily accessible to you. 

We're going to be taking the feedback you have given us and we'll be improving ourselves to serve you better.

There are also going to be Gem Hunts in a number of gemmiferous countries. We are going to Thailand and making plans for Cambodia and Myanmar as well as, possibly, Sri Lanka. Really exciting times ahead!

So, on this day, the 31st of December 2016, we at Loupin Jewels wish you a Happy New Year!

May you be ever brilliant!