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Visiting the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2018

SIJE 2018 began a couple of days ago.

I was there to visit some dealer friends and to take in the general mood and atmosphere.

Most of the exhibitors were in the jewellery business and I found myself with relatively fewer stalls to visit for loose gemstones.

Nevertheless, there were some really beautiful pieces:

A selection of vibrant Burmese Spinels

A selection of vibrant Burmese Spinels

Star Sapphires

Star Sapphires

Lot of Unheated Blue Star Sapphires. Absolutely love the colour!

Lot of Unheated Blue Star Sapphires. Absolutely love the colour!

Lot of Faceted Sapphires of Multiple Colours

Lot of Faceted Sapphires of Multiple Colours

More updates coming up (after the last day)... :)

Review on Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World

I just finished a book by Aja Raden entitled Stoned. It speaks of desire and envy - powerful forces that drive human behaviour, affects entire nations and, by extension, shaped the history of the world.

The author expounded on historical occurrences from so many parts of the world that it is a wonder that  the research was ever finished. 

Through her explanations I learned more about the story of Manhattan being 'sold' for glass beads, that it wasn't as unfair a deal as it has often been made out to be. I also got an insight into the Romanov family and the jewelled eggs from Fabergé. I also learned more about Mikimoto and the cultured pearl industry.

Above all these stories, the author spoke of the enormous con job that De Beers pulled over the world. It truly is remarkable - how a few individuals turned an abundant supply (and the stockpile is getting larger by the day) of near-worthless stones into a 'must-have' for the common man (and woman). 

This is a book of intrigue, romance, history, psychology, geology and economics all melded together in a smooth-flowing format.

By the end of the book, I delved into the Internet for more information and stories linked to those told by the author. Some of them are still entrenched deeply in my mind.

This is a book I highly recommend!

Image taken from

Image taken from




Concluding Gem Hunt 1 of 2017

We just concluded a Gem Hunt in Bangkok and we got a few interesting quartz specimens, a number of colourful gemstones and we are awaiting a delivery of new jewellery that we had made there.

We'll be delivering orders by the beginning of next week, so hang tight! You'll get your orders soon. :)

While in Bangkok, we noticed a large drop in the supply of certain gems that we intended to work with this year. It seems that they have either been bought up or new supplies have not been arriving consistently.

On the other hand, there is a significant increase in the availability of other gems.

We will be talking to our suppliers and doing a little more research before we confirm work on our new season of jewellery for 2017.

Until that update, here's a couple of the quartz pieces we bought. They have extremely picturesque inclusions and we really like them!

Our Vision for Singapore Begins in 2017!

A year ago, Loupin Jewels was merely a concept - a thought in the aethers of the mind. There were doubts and questions that could not be answered. There was little support from others. 

We marched past all of that.

We have a vision - that Singapore will be a blazing star in the gemstone and jewellery industry, alongside our neighbours Thailand and Hong Kong.

Education, collaboration, marketing, entrepreneurship and branding. We see these as the means to achieve that vision. Singapore already has a reputation for security and affluence, the bedrocks upon which a whole industry can stand.

By building Singapore as a hub of gem trading, it will make more gems from around the world readily available here, increasing variety, improving quality, and lowering prices. 

You won't need to depend on chain jewellery stores for important occasions anymore. You can easily find, craft or create jewellery according to your preferences. We will have more home-grown designers and a new form of art to be proud of.

The die is cast. 

We are forging forward and we invite you to journey on with us.

Are you ready for 2017?

One Last Post for 2016

It's been quite a year, 2016.

We launched our site, our online store, our social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram - and we have started discussions on collaborations for the coming year.

In 2017, we are looking forward to bringing education on gemstones - how to appreciate them, how to purchase them (without getting ripped off), how to handle them - to schools as well as to adults. We're going to be holding workshops and showcases, presentations and more. So much to do!

We are also looking at some new jewellery designs, producing our next collection, and tweaking systems to make them all more easily accessible to you. 

We're going to be taking the feedback you have given us and we'll be improving ourselves to serve you better.

There are also going to be Gem Hunts in a number of gemmiferous countries. We are going to Thailand and making plans for Cambodia and Myanmar as well as, possibly, Sri Lanka. Really exciting times ahead!

So, on this day, the 31st of December 2016, we at Loupin Jewels wish you a Happy New Year!

May you be ever brilliant!

Gemstone Chips Are In!

A couple of weeks ago, we placed a fairly large order with an overseas seller for gemstone chips. We waited for quite awhile.

They have finally arrived!

In addition to the other gemstone chips we bought earlier in the year, this completes our entire birthstone collection! Some of the chips aren't birthstones (yet) but they are beautiful nonetheless.

We'll be photographing and putting them all up for sale soon. Until then, here's a picture of some of the earlier batch of gem chips. Stay tuned!

Garnets! For the January babies.

Garnets! For the January babies.

A Visit To The Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2016

From 21 - 24 July, I attended the Singapore International Jewelry Expo (SIJE) 2016. Though my original intent was to visit some of my dealer friends from other countries, I ended up with quite a few more stones than I expected.

I got a blue 2.27-carat Burmese sapphire from my favourite Burmese dealer friends.

Unfortunately, they found the cost of attending the next show in Singapore too high and have declined to exhibit. It's alright. I'll just have to visit them in Yangon.


I got a really fiery 4.86 ct Welo opal with a thin dead zone on the side. 

I decided to buy it due to the wide fire and the fact that it encompasses every colour of the rainbow.

Due to the dead zone, the dealer was willing to sell it at a much lower price than what it would normally go for.


My favourite buy of all - a rare Burmese Jedi spinel. This isn't just red, it is a glowing, saturated, vibrant red!

Jedi spinels are so named because they have not been touched by 'the dark side' - especially darker secondary colours such as brown or grey.

Until I get all of these in my lightbox and photograph them with a proper DSLR, these photos from my Note 4 will have to suffice. ;)

I met a friend over a few days during the Expo as well, and assisted him in evaluating some gems that he was planning to buy. Always glad to be of service to a fellow gem buyer!