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The Last Gem Buying Session Before 2018

Just a few days ago, I received a message from one of the gem sellers I've been working with.

He's from Sri Lanka and has been in the gem industry all his life, continuing the business from his father. He happened to be in Singapore for the next few days and asked if there was anything I needed.

I told him that I had a few people who are interested in viewing and, possibly, purchasing some gems. As they were available, we I set up a meeting and we looked at the gems he had with him. 

His trip to Singapore was a short one this time so he didn't bring too many this round, though he assured us that he will bring more on his next trip - likely some time in January.

Let's see if we can have our next workshop coincide with his visit.

Gem Buying
Gem Buying 02
Royal Blue Sapphire
A Trip to Myanmar?

We are planning to go to Myanmar in September this year. Though it'll only be a few days and we are attending a conference, we hope to have the opportunity to explore the city a little and possibly visit some of our native dealer friends.

We aren't too sure about what to expect but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

As the date draws closer, we'll be doing more research and may get a few gem hunting orders. As always, if you're looking for something in Myanmar, do let us know!

We Found a Unique Blue Chalcedony from Taiwan!

Sometimes, the gems appear in front of the gem hunters, even when they are on their off-days.

While exploring the streets of Hualien, we came across numerous posters and shop signs advertising ‘blue precious stone’. Typically, this phrase refers to blue sapphire. However, here, it is the local name of a very unique type of blue chalcedony – of a colour that is found nowhere else in the world – one that is similar in hue to the much-prized Paraiba tourmaline. 

Blue Chalcedony Taiwan 01

Through speaking with a shop owner who had been in the business for over 38 years, we learned that, due to the immense rarity of this gem-quality blue chalcedony, it is hardly exported and not commonly known outside of Taiwan.

Consequently, prices are constantly going up as supply dwindles and mines become exhausted – a common story when it comes to rare gems.

With a little further research, we learned that this type of blue chalcedony has slightly different tones, depending on which part of the country it comes from. The colours range from a sea green colour akin to green beryl to a blue-green like Paraiba tourmaline to a green-blue similar to Persian turquoise to a deep blue like that of Cambodian blue zircon. 

As with all other types of chalcedony, this type is translucent to opaque and, true to type, the more light it allows through, the more highly prized it is.

We settled on two specimens for our collection – one more green and the other more blue. We hope to return to Taiwan in the near future to explore using this unique gem in a limited series of our jewellery.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Taiwanese Blue Chalcedony, or want to know how to get hold of some, you can contact us at:

Taiwan Blue Chalcedony Piece
Today Marks the Beginning of the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair 2017

Ah, the biannual gem fairs at Bangkok.

One of the things I tell gem lovers that I meet in Singapore is to visit at least 1 Bangkok gem fair as soon as they get the opportunity.

It's not that prices there are particularly good, though some of them are, but the sheer volume and variety of gems from all over the world that makes the trip worthwhile.

My first trip there was eye-opening. I had no idea of the scale of the gem and jewellery industry in Thailand before that. After 3 full days there, I hadn't even finished visiting every booth at the fair.

The contacts I made there have been valuable and I have done business with some of the dealers since then. I'm glad to know that I can look them up if I need anything.

The 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Fair is scheduled to run from 22 - 26 Feb at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani. 

Truly, I wish I was there right now.



Ten Questions to Ask to Get You Started on Your Gem Buying Journey

An excerpt from our upcoming book - A Gem of a Deal. This checklist helps to narrow your search and gives more information to the person searching for your gem for you.

Whether you are buying to create a special piece of jewellery, to collect, or simply for a bit of fun, you need to be clear on why you are buying a gemstone, especially if it’s a high-price one.

If you are thinking of buying only so you can re-sell it later for a profit, don’t. Unless you are already an experienced buyer, it’s more likely that you will end up paying much more than you have to. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it is.

So let’s look at the possible reasons you are buying a gem and what you may be looking out for:

Generic questions for gems

1) What type of gem are you looking for? E.g. sapphire, aquamarine, peridot, ruby, etc.

2) Is there a specific colour range that you like? E.g. blue, pink, red

3) What kind of quality (top, high, medium, commercial) do you need?

4) What type of jewellery are you making? (Rings usually require more durable gems due to  their increased chances of getting knocked about)

Generic questions for jewellery

5) What type of material do you want? Gold, silver, gold alloy (white gold, rose gold, purple gold), platinum?

6) What kind of jewellery do you intend to create? E.g. a ring, pendant, or necklace?

7) How often will you wear it? (Jewellery you wear daily will require more durable gems)

8) Do you have a general style that you like? E.g. ethnic, modern, vintage, industrial, minimalistic?

9) What specific designs do you have in mind?

10) What are your reasons for making this jewellery? See 10a, b and c below.

10a) To create a special piece of jewellery

Is it for yourself?

Is it for someone else?

Does the piece have a special significance? Perhaps to commemorate a special event or occasion?

Are you making an engagement ring?

10b) To collect (and wear) / just for fun

What type of collection categories are you creating? E.g. rings from / inspired by different parts of the world, unusual designs, vintage collections, a particular brand

Do you intend to widen these categories in the future?

What are the characteristics of a gem or jewellery item that makes you like it? E.g. a thin band (esp. for stackable rings), milgrain details, floral-inspired patterns etc.

10c) For future resale

Is there a specific country of origin for your desired gem? E.g. a Burmese ruby, a Sri Lankan sapphire or an Australian opal?

Is there a specific colour you want? E.g. A pigeon-blood ruby, a cornflower blue sapphire, a Santa Maria coloured aquamarine?

Do you require a gemological certificate from one of the large gemological laboratories like GIA, GRS etc. or will a local gemological laboratory do?

If you'd like to know more about our book, click the following button to go our book information page:

Tourmaline 02
Concluding Gem Hunt 1 of 2017

We just concluded a Gem Hunt in Bangkok and we got a few interesting quartz specimens, a number of colourful gemstones and we are awaiting a delivery of new jewellery that we had made there.

We'll be delivering orders by the beginning of next week, so hang tight! You'll get your orders soon. :)

While in Bangkok, we noticed a large drop in the supply of certain gems that we intended to work with this year. It seems that they have either been bought up or new supplies have not been arriving consistently.

On the other hand, there is a significant increase in the availability of other gems.

We will be talking to our suppliers and doing a little more research before we confirm work on our new season of jewellery for 2017.

Until that update, here's a couple of the quartz pieces we bought. They have extremely picturesque inclusions and we really like them!

A Gem Hunt To Kick Off 2017!

It’s our first gem hunt of 2017! We’re going on a short trip (14 – 18 Jan) to Bangkok – the hub of all gem trading in South-east Asia – and we’ll be fulfilling a few requests from some of our local customers.
We’ll also be visiting some of our gem dealer friends over there. If possible, we’d like to work on a project together.
Our Instagram account will still be active, though our next blog entry will likely have to wait until we’re back next week.
If you’re looking for a gem or two while we’re there, drop us an e-mail ( or message and we’ll link up to discuss your requirements.

One Last Post for 2016

It's been quite a year, 2016.

We launched our site, our online store, our social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram - and we have started discussions on collaborations for the coming year.

In 2017, we are looking forward to bringing education on gemstones - how to appreciate them, how to purchase them (without getting ripped off), how to handle them - to schools as well as to adults. We're going to be holding workshops and showcases, presentations and more. So much to do!

We are also looking at some new jewellery designs, producing our next collection, and tweaking systems to make them all more easily accessible to you. 

We're going to be taking the feedback you have given us and we'll be improving ourselves to serve you better.

There are also going to be Gem Hunts in a number of gemmiferous countries. We are going to Thailand and making plans for Cambodia and Myanmar as well as, possibly, Sri Lanka. Really exciting times ahead!

So, on this day, the 31st of December 2016, we at Loupin Jewels wish you a Happy New Year!

May you be ever brilliant!