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Revisiting the Blue Chalcedony from Taiwan

Recently, there has been quite a lot of interest in the blue chalcedony that I got from Taiwan. It has a paraiba-tourmaline-like colour, with a glowing translucency that defies description.

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Everybody who has seen it falls in love with it.

As a result, I'm thinking that this is a real contender for the next series of gems I bring into stock. Its rarity is the only thing that makes that a little more difficult than I'd like.

Time to make a few calls.

Blue Chalcedony Taiwan 02
We Found a Unique Blue Chalcedony from Taiwan!

Sometimes, the gems appear in front of the gem hunters, even when they are on their off-days.

While exploring the streets of Hualien, we came across numerous posters and shop signs advertising ‘blue precious stone’. Typically, this phrase refers to blue sapphire. However, here, it is the local name of a very unique type of blue chalcedony – of a colour that is found nowhere else in the world – one that is similar in hue to the much-prized Paraiba tourmaline. 

Blue Chalcedony Taiwan 01

Through speaking with a shop owner who had been in the business for over 38 years, we learned that, due to the immense rarity of this gem-quality blue chalcedony, it is hardly exported and not commonly known outside of Taiwan.

Consequently, prices are constantly going up as supply dwindles and mines become exhausted – a common story when it comes to rare gems.

With a little further research, we learned that this type of blue chalcedony has slightly different tones, depending on which part of the country it comes from. The colours range from a sea green colour akin to green beryl to a blue-green like Paraiba tourmaline to a green-blue similar to Persian turquoise to a deep blue like that of Cambodian blue zircon. 

As with all other types of chalcedony, this type is translucent to opaque and, true to type, the more light it allows through, the more highly prized it is.

We settled on two specimens for our collection – one more green and the other more blue. We hope to return to Taiwan in the near future to explore using this unique gem in a limited series of our jewellery.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Taiwanese Blue Chalcedony, or want to know how to get hold of some, you can contact us at:

Taiwan Blue Chalcedony Piece