The Birth of Loupin Jewels

Loupin Jewels was born out of a desire to share our passion of gemstones and jewellery with others.

Because we experienced so much difficulty in getting well-made, non-mass-produced jewellery here in Singapore, we want to create a change by making quality jewellery easily available to our customers.

We are also enthusiastic about introducing the gem industry to the rising generation of Singapore and to teach others how to spot and buy a good gemstone. To do that, we conduct classes and are in the midst of publishing a book!

Fun Facts

'Loupin' is a play on the words 'loupe' - the gem hunter's most important tool - represented by our logo shape, and 'lupine', represented by the wolf.

Loupin Logo.gif

'Loupin' is also an allusion to a well-loved character created by J K Rowling - Professor R J Lupin, with whom our founder Remus shares his first name and our co-founder Jasmine shares her initial.

Remus Biz Card
Jasmine Biz Card


Our Long-term Vision

People the world over recognise Singapore as a safe, desirable place to do business and this reputation has attracted a lot of interest within the gem and gemstone jewellery industry.

We see this as an opportunity to both expose local Singaporeans to the myriad choices of gems available in the world, as well as a way for everyone to get fair prices for their gemstones.

To position Singapore as a hub of the gem and gemstone jewellery industry, we want to: 

Ignite interest in young Singaporeans
Create a platform for gem dealers to explore the Singapore market
Educate Singaporeans on gems and gemstone jewellery
Simplify the buying of gems and gemstone jewellery

Some have wondered if we can make a big enough impact to fulfill our long-term vision. To them, we say that we will know once we try.